Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Colonial Lanes CLOSED  Memorial Day

For many of us Memorial Day is more than just a holiday.  It’s a time our country has set aside to remember our military personnel, those living and those who have passed on, who served in our military and
to thank them for their service.

So if you’re at one of the many parades, in a restaurant or walking in a store or even in a bowling center and you see a person in uniform or with one of those baseball caps with the ship or unit they served with, just stop and say, “thank you for your service.”  They will understand and appreciate that you took the time.

From Us to All our Veterans:  Thank You for your service and sacrifice for our country and our freedom.  Enjoy your day.

*Original Author:  Sgt. Mark Thompson, Michigan State Police, Brighton Post

Colonial Lanes / CUBS’ A.C.

1950 S Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor  MI  48104



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