Today’s Series on Lane Approach (from the Bleacher Report Archives)

Bowling. One of the greatest sports in this country (and around the world, for that matter) that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Many older folks know names like Don Carter and Dick Weber, Earl Anthony and Mark Roth, bowling legends of the past 50 years. But overall as a sport, bowling kind of gets pushed aside by the average person, many saying that it isn’t a real sport or it isn’t competitive. As a bowler I can tell you that both are complete lies.

This series of articles will rank the 10 best approaches in the PBA today. If you pay any attention to bowling today, you know names like Wes Malott, Walter Ray Williams and Patrick Allen, just to name a few. But this list isn’t about who is the best. It is about who has the most attractive approach, about who makes it look really easy. Hope you enjoy.

#10.  Michael Fagan

Fagan is known for his unusual style in which he has an incredibly high backswing but the rest of his body stays low to the ground with his knees bent significantly. His follow through is very smooth, and he gets a ton of power and hook on the ball every time.

Courtesy of: The Bleacher Report, Inc.    Reprinted without permission. Yet.

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