Bowl and Watch Tigers at Colonial Lanes

Did we mention that you can watch the Tigers on BIG SCREENS over the Lanes??
Combine the 50¢ Mania (ending soon) and an afternoon baseball game and you’ve got the best deal going at Colonial Lanes TODAY
Detroit Broke Down Cubs  Last Night 8-4
This was the only disappointment all night.  Berry gets caught at home plate.

Some folks clearly heard the hecklers last night at Wrigley jawing down Detroit on the air during the broadcast.  Those hecklers seemed to be silenced Wednesday night though, as the Tigers took the game clean away from Chicago and improved their record against the Cubs to 8-1 over the last nine appearances with them.  

Miguel Cabrera congratulates Brennan Boesch after his solo home run.

Rick Porcello appeared snakebit again at the start. But with the hot bats of Jhonny Peralta, Brennan Boesch and Delmon Young – who each notched multiple extra-base hits – it became the record evener for the pitcher bringing his season to 4-4.

Last night showed a sloppy Tiger defense in a close loss.  This night, however, the defense was stellar – even “highlight reel” – as spectacular catches by Boesch and Jackson were paired along with some great throws by Santiago.  This puts the Tigers back in the right direction – we just need to break this every-other cycle and keep winning series.  Detroit has won 3 of the last 4. 

It’s an afternoon game Thursday, and we’ll be at CUBS’ A.C. as usual, catching all of the action on the big screens and tossing down some Santa Fe Chicken Salad and lots of frosty cold beverages, too.   See ‘Ya! 


Where is our beloved Heinz mustard, Mr. Brandon?
 At CUBS’ AC?  O.K.!!!!


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