Bowl Cheap and Watch The Detroit Tigers at Colonial Lanes TONIGHT

Did we mention that you can watch the Tigers on BIG SCREENS over the Lanes??
Combine the 50¢ Mania and an evening baseball game and you’ve got the best deal going in Ann Arbor at Colonial Lanes!

Detroit Takes Chicago Series

Justin Verlander bunts one of his 2 successful sacrifice at bats.

Attention folks!!   The Detroit Tigers have won 4 of the last 5 games!   On a gorgeous Thursday afternoon in the Windy City, the Tigers took the game and the series away from the Cubs and improved their record to 9-1 over their last ten appearances with them. 

Gerald Laird and José Valverde celebrate the win.

 Justin Verlander won for the first time in over a month to bring his record up to 6-4.  But it was his batting contributions which actually kept the offense moving along!   That along with the hot bats of Austin Jackson, Delmon Young and Ryan Raburn(!) propelled Detroit to their 30th victory this season and brought them to 3 games under .500.

It’s an evening home game Friday against the Colorado Rockies, and at CUBS’ A.C.  and Colonial Lanes you can catch all of the action on the big screens and toss down some Santa Fe Chicken Salad and lots of frosty cold beverages, too.


How can you beat that?  Take advantage of 50¢ Mania at Colonial Lanes!!


At Colonial Lanes – Everybody Bowls Cheap! 

Adults-College Students-Tweens-Kids 
Click above pictures for details


Where is our beloved Heinz mustard,
Mr. Brandon?
 At CUBS’ AC?  O.K.!!!!


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