Choose Your Poison

London Olympics or Tigers on
Big Screens Over The Lanes

The New Zealand cycling team practices hard.
Omar Infante makes the play at second base.

“All I Wanna Do Is Win Some More”, said the man next to me out of nowhere.  I think we ought to start heeding that wish.  Detroit is off to a 3-4 road trip just after bursting a string of wins to get back in the wrestle for 1st place, but has taken an obvious swoon as some of the most fascinating games get going in London.

Ingo Kindervater practices for the thrilling badminton competition
representing Germany at the London 2012 Olympics.

This is not L.A.  This is London During Wartime.  You can bet that the athletes are not chomping down kidney pie and bangers.  We can hardly wait to get back in the “medals race” for Gold – now that Poland has gone ahead of us by winning a Silver in 10 meter air rifle shooting.  Justin Verlander gets whacked in Cleveland Thursday and then Rick Porcello follows suit in Toronto last night.  What are we supposed to do?  Watch badminton and bowl, I guess.

I can hardly wait for that grueling handball rumble for Gold.

(Scraped from Sports Illustrated)

The Socialympics

Kevin Durant
Look for social media to play a large role at the London Games.
Kyle Terada/US Presswire

Forget Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. Social media is going to be the star of the London Games, and plenty have already tagged the 17-day mega-event as the “Socialympics.” Noting the explosion of social media heading our way, The Associated Press cheekily surmised in a recent piece: “The London Games will be the first Olympics told in 140 characters or less.”

Of course the Games will still be told in longer form, but London represents the first true social media Olympics. Consider: Facebook had 100 million global users when NBC aired the Beijing Olympics. It now has nearly 900 million. Twitter had roughly six million users in the fall of 2008. It is now approaching 140 million. Tablets such as the iPad did not exist in 2008, and in the years since, the smart-phone experience has gotten much smarter, with a gorgeous Instagram photo just a click away.

Not surprisingly, the major social media players have invested heavily in these Games. Earlier this month, NBC Universal announced a partnership with Facebook, which will feature exclusive NBC Olympics content and images on its site. On various NBC platforms, viewers will see a “Facebook Talk Meter,” which will reflect what is being said online about Olympic athletes and events. Facebook will also have its own content team in London during the Games.

Twitter, in particular, should see a surge in traffic over the next two weeks, and watch for the follower count of specific athletes (especially those who win or implode spectacularly) to soar. The current sports-related record for tweets per second was set during last month’s Euro 2012 championship between Spain and Italy (Twitter says the Euro final peaked at 15,358 tweets per second). The easiest prediction of the Olympics? The new record will be set in London.
— Richard Deitsch

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So if you are ready to grab a look at the London games OR the Tigers trials at Toronto you can rely on us. Here at CUBS’ AC & Colonial Lanes the air conditioners are ON and we are keeping the beer frosty cold in the coolers. Grab a few in between frames!

Join us at Colonial LanesCUBS’ AC Saturday afternoon and we’ll see if Detroit can regain momentum again.  Or you can watch badminton or archery or beach volleyball.  What a choice.  Watch the game(s) on our big screens while chowing down on some of our Buffalo Chicken Sliders!!  


Tigers, too!!


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