Olympic Sized Cheesecake

London 2012 Olympics

No commercialism here – just pure amateur athleticism?

In all seriousness – no kidding – I can’t remember the last time I saw this bold style of commercial advertising on an Olympic athlete’s outfit.  Sports logos – but now Gas Companies?

Prince William and Prince Harry looking serious.  The Brits areputting a lot on the line here.  Boost image?  Boost sales?

Am I missing something, here?

Is it starting to smell bad around here?
And there is no vanity here, whatsoever.  This is a member of the U.SOlympic Swimming Team in London.

I suppose it is better work than suiting up in Afghanistan.  The British Royal Princes are making a go of it, anyway.  They try to appear serious while projecting the stoic image that so completely supports the British “mystique.”  I mean……it’s the World Stage and all that, you know.  Stiff upper lips, mate!

I LOVE that headgear.  Where can I buy such an ear protector?

So this is London 2012.  I’m waiting for “The 2012 Calendar of The Hungarian Womens Water Polo Team featuring Barbara Bupka” to be released at my local gift shop.  After all – you don’t develop arms and legs like a manatee without proper conditioning.

I would not want to be seen as a horse’s arse or anything, here.  But Italy’sEquestrian Team appear to be in the “spiel” here as well.

Don’t lose focus, there!  This whole thing is designed to celebrate the Human Spirit of Honest Competition (brought to you by Gillette) and present over 5,000 hours of worthwhile video entertainment (brought to you by Sony and NBC Sports). 

The Canadians are not strangers to this concept, either.

Oh well……………..it’s only for 15 more days.

 At CUBS’ AC & Colonial Lanes the air
conditioners are ON and we are
keeping the beer frosty
cold in the coolers. Grab a



Join us at CUBS’ AC (in the bar that faces the giant car wash) Tuesday evening and we’ll see if Detroit can regain momentum again in Boston.  Or you can watch tattoos.  What a choice.  Watch the game(s) on our big screens while chowing down on a CUBS’ Calzone!!  




Tigers, too!!

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