The Tigers Are Tripping Themselves

The Tigers Are 

Tripping Themselves

A different attitude.  When Texas gets to 3rd basethey get him home.  By Hook or by Crook.

This trip is showing that the AL Central Division is up for grabs.  Each team seems to go through a period of “swoon” and it looks like the Tigers are carrying the banner right now.  Just a week ago they looked to be on the march.  No longer, I’m afraid.

We had high hopes for Anibal Sánchez from the trade with Florida.Now we are starting to see why they traded the Venezuelan.

    The Tigers bombed in Texas and they are starting to stink at Target Field in Minneapolis, now.  By the way – ESPN ranked the Twins new home as the “Best Stadium” in America.

Top it all off with the fact that Detroit could only muster 6 hits compared to Minnesota’s 18 on Monday night and you have the makings of a disaster developing.  Detroit has slipped to only 6 games over .500 after reaching a season high 11 last week.

The stupid moves seem to have infected everyone,including Prince Fielder who runs into Ben Revere.

The Tigers take on the Twins again Tuesday evening  and you can watch with us here at CUBS’ AC where the air
conditioners are ON and we are
keeping the beer frosty
cold in the coolers. Grab a

It's COOL at CUBS' AC! 

Join us at CUBS’ AC (in the bar that faces the giant car wash) and we’ll see if the Tigers can return to their winning ways.  Watch the game on our big screens while chowing down on some Pescado Tacos!!




UMPIRES: HP: Derryl Cousins. 1B: Alan Porter. 2B: Jim Wolf. 3B: Chris Guccione. 

WEATHER: 74º, Partly Cloudy

ATTENDANCE: 34,366 / GAME TIME: 3:05


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