What Goes Around Comes Around

Tigers Feast on Blue Jays

Toronto’s Ricky Romero walked in 2 runs and the rest wentdownhill after that.  Must be their turn, now.

You’ve got to remember that when bad luck imparts its will on your team that there is another side of the story where the other team is looking at the same and having a party.   The Detroit Tigers can certainly say that after Tuesday night’s 5-3 win at Comerica Park.

Max Scherzer actually had a good outing.  But this game was a largelya gift from the Blue Jays nonetheless.

  There is a good side.  Max Scherzer is becoming the new team workhorse.  He actually leads the American League in strikeouts at 186.  Who is second?  None other than Justin Verlander at 180.   But Scherzer is not done and he will probably finish with over 200 this year.  Tuesday marks his 12th win in the last 15 starts.  BTW – This is the first time I remember that Detroit had the two top pitchers in the American League.  It is what has kept Detroit in the race this season.

Austin Jackson is safe with a double.  Is that Blue Jay flying?

Don’t get me wrong, here.  The Tigers still got a BIG gift in this one.  The Blue Jays were falling down around themselves and their starter Ricky Romero – the player of the month only a year ago – twice walked in runs. And the Tigers still tried to give it away, too.  They actually were out-hit 10-8, and Miguel Cabrera got another RBI without getting a hit!

Another miracle finish by Valverde.  He only gave up 1 hit, buthe also struck out a batter and then hit one, but still got the save.

    Detroit remains 2 games out of first place behind Chicago, whom they face 7 more times this season.  There are 40 games left to play and we can almost start marking those Magic Numbers for the division playoffs.  It looks like the Tigers will have to win the AL Central to make the postseason because so many teams in the East have better records as well as Los Angeles does in the West.

Prince Fielder tosses his bat after drawing a walk Tuesday night.

The Tigers take on the Toronto Blue Jays again Wednesday night.   You can watch with us here at CUBS’ AC where we are keeping the beer frosty
cold. We’ve even got a new cooler stocked with only craft brews Made in Michigan!  Grab a few


So join us at CUBS’ AC (in the bar that faces the giant car wash) and we’ll see if the Tigers can win again over the Blue Jays.  Watch on our big screens while wolfing down a Jack Daniel’s® Burger!!



UMPIRES: HP: Chad Fairchild. 1B: Tom Hallion. 2B: Alfonso Marquez. 3B: Brian O’Nora. 

WEATHER: 66º, Partly Cloudy

ATTENDANCE: 39,499 / GAME TIME: 2:56

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