Youth Bowling Clubs at
Colonial Lanes
2012 Strike Force
Openings available for all skill levels.
Saturdays at 9:30 AM or
Fridays at 4:30 PM
Starting September 7th & 8th

Strike ForceYouth: 3 game program-$8.00 per week ($2.00 absent fee)
Bumpers: 2 game program-$7.00 per week ($2.00 absent fee)Program includes:
Coaching, Awards Package, Special Events, Practice Discounts, Tournament Opportunities, End of the Season Awards and Banquet.
**New members receive an Official Jersey and Towel.
Can’t Bowl?  We’ll Teach You!
(Registration fee: $13.00)
Top 10 Reasons
to Join a Youth League
10.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed
9.  Bowling is the fastest growing school sport
8.  Self esteem builder… every kid is a winner
7.  No cancellation for bad weather
6.  “Strike Force” shirt and special bowling towel
5.  National certification
4.  Special events and discounts
3.  Weekly awards for bowlers
2.  Coaching for ALL skill levelsand the #1 reason to join…
1.  Every kid bowls…no one sits on the bench!
© 2012 Community Bowling Centers

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