Paul Bunyan Comes Home Again

Maize ‘n Blue Rally To Win 12-10

The clouds parted for the most part and the autumn colors brazenly cast a calmness over Ann Arbor as Michigan Stadium drew both fans of the green and white (or tin-foil?) and Maize ‘n Blue to the stands.  But there was an utter excitement and vast visions of greatness in the heads of everyone there – regardless what they wore.

Blue or Green?

There is not much to say.  Brady Hoke is 12-0 at The Big House.

What we seem to forget over time, though, is that college sports are just a diversion and a spirited jostle between agreeable opponents who entertain the contest in the highest spirits of school pride.  Even in a game as big (or hyped) as this one.

The annual battle for The Paul Bunyan Trophy had every bit of spirit it always had, except this time the coin landed on home soil.


But no – we seem to have to align our allegiance to either “evil” or “good” and strive to condemn the opposition to a second-class existence while elevating our chosen to Roman-God status.  How simple and how utterly infantile that is – if you get right down to it.

Were cars and couches burned in East Lansing?  No.  But you can’t help but hear the Spartans reactions as they repeat over and over – this game meant more than Michigan fans would admit.  They didn’t whine.  The MSU Band didn’t even get a post-game toot to play.

Overall – Watching the game Saturday afternoon you saw the extremes on both sides and you cannot deny witnessing the guts and dedication that comprise the true spirit of a Michigan Wolverine.  

Paul is back home.

It makes you proud.


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